wedding day questionnaire 

This form will give me the rundown on everything I need to know for your wedding. It’s my goal for the photography to run as smoothly as possible on your day, and the info you share will give me everything I need to get the job done!

Bride/Groom's Name *
Bride/Groom's Name
Bride/Groom's Name *
Bride/Groom's Name
(just a rough estimate is fine!)
pre-wedding details
REQUIRED* if you are including getting ready photos as part of your package! Please list the times and locations where both wedding parties will be getting ready, as well as any additional details.
only required if you are putting your dress or tux on at a separate location from where you're getting hair/makeup/etc. done.
Will you be doing a first-look before the ceremony? *
if yes, please list when and where, as well as who is presenting them.
ceremony details
reception details
(if different from ceremony site)
surprises, performances, games, special toasts, etc.
sit-down dinner, buffet style, dessert table, etc.
father-daughter / mother-son dance, first dance, bouquet toss, garter toss, cake cutting, etc.
family details
please place an asterik (*) next to their name if they are in the wedding party!
death, divorce, drama, etc.
wedding party details
please list each person's first & last names with their title
more specifically: bride(s) with bridesmaids / groom(s) with groomsmen (not both parties together!). this helps leave more time during cocktail hour for photos of you and your partner!
This is the most important part! Please be as detailed as you can. If you need assistance in order to maximize your time allotted for photography, please reach out to me! I'm happy to help.
when your photography coverage begins
when your photography coverage ends
photography details
now we're getting to the good stuff!
don't be afraid to get specific!
This is also very important! Please list each family grouping (using names + relationship to you) that you would like during your family formals after the ceremony. This list will help make things go smoothly and QUICKLY--this is key! I will use this list to ensure we get every family shot you want. Please note that I don't know what your family looks like, so I will need assistance from you or a relative/friend to rally up the correct people in between shots!
fashion & vendor details
This will help me credit & tag the appropriate vendors from your day!
REQUIRED* if you and/or your fiancée is a bride!
REQUIRED* if you and/or your fiancé is a groom!
invites, favors, custom decor, etc.
additional details
you're almost there!
feel free to leave your Instagram handles so we can connect, even after your wedding!
I'm so excited for your day and I can't wait to celebrate with you!