Mr. & Mrs. Christmas - Rock Springs Elopement - 11.03.18 | Apopka, FL

When Kait first reached out to me with the idea of shooting her elopement with Freddy, I SCREAMED. I’ve known these two for a while and have seen their love blossom, and to be given the chance to photograph their marriage feels like such an honor! We arrived at the park on what happened to be one of the chilliest mornings so far this fall. In the back of the park, we came upon a spot tucked away and secluded from the crowds. This is where the magic happened.

Kait’s cousin, Shawn, married the two of them in the middle of the springs, on a rock that felt like a platform created just for this moment. The morning was calm and the air was still and their vows consisted of subtle meme references (what could be better?). After the ceremony, we took a few bridal photos before the two of them hopped in the water and we got a lil’ dramatic. I loved that they were down to get a little adventurous even with the chilly weather! I’m so grateful that I was able to play a small part in this moment. I can’t think of a better way to have started the day.

Here are some highlights!:

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