Sophia & Bobby - 06.14.18 | Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

Those that know me know how much the Grand Canyon means to me; I visit it yearly, I lived there for a while, and it's one of few places that bring me true inspiration. That's why when Sophia reached out to me about shooting hers and Bobby's engagement photos at the Grand Canyon, my heart was singing! Not only was I going to do what I love, but where I love as well! It was a dream come true.

Getting to capture Sophia and Bobby's love and silliness while wandering through the national park was nothing short of freakin' amazing! We gave ourselves a good two hours to make sure we got every spot and every angle of the canyon and even managed to avoid tourists for most of the evening! The weather could not have been more perfect and neither could have the sunset. The Canyon is a beautiful sight to behold and getting to capture love along the cliffs makes it even more special.

*Check the bottom of this post for a BEHIND-THE-SCENES VIDEO!*

Here are some highlights!:

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