Robyn & David - 03.11.18 | Winter Park, FL

The day before our session, some rain was forecasted to come through right at the time of our shoot. Just our luck, right? But when the time came, it was warm and sunny and we were so grateful that Mother Nature was on our side. We didn't get off easy, though--a concert event was happening at our planned location, making it impossible to shoot there. So, in the spur of the moment, determined to take some freakin' cute photos, I took Robyn and David to another location that I knew looked similar to our original one. We spent the afternoon joking and dancing around and getting too close for comfort with spiders, and I had a BLAST with these two. (Could've done without the eight-legged creatures, though!)

Happy 3 year anniversary, guys!!

Here are some highlights from our session:

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