The Ridore Wedding - 05.05.19 | Saint Cloud, FL

It was the worst rain we’d had in months. My hour drive to the wedding venue was super intense––I could barely see out my windshield and I honestly should have pulled over and waited for it to pass, but I couldn’t handle the idea of missing even a second of this wedding day, so I kept going (~ lol living life on the edge ~). Hurricane-like conditions quickly transitioned to peaceful skies soon after getting off at my exit and nearing the venue. “Fate” is the only word I can use to describe it! (Also, Florida just be crazy like that.)

Julianna & Henley are the most beautiful, honest and laid back couple ever. I enjoyed every moment of their wedding day and witnessing all the tears, love and joy between everyone. No matter how humid it was and how sweaty we were, I swear you wouldn’t be able to tell by looking at photos of these guys. They took a hot, rainy day and made it so enjoyable for themselves and everyone around them. I loved this day and I’m so lucky they had me along for the ride!

Here are some highlights:

Gabby HallComment