The Licata Wedding - 12.08.18 | Homestead, FL

My favorite part of this job is getting to meet people from all over. Even though we live 300 miles apart, Rosemary got in touch with me by recommendation from a mutual friend (Erin O’dea, my kickass tattoo artist and friend, who you can check out here). I was so excited to get to work with her and Tony on their wedding day!

What I didn’t expect was how jaw-dropping their venue was going to be. Towering trees and lush greenery surround you and make you feel like you’re in a jungle-esque fantasy. Living in suburbia often leaves me forgetting how gorgeous and tropical Florida can actually be. There were so. many. birds. Parrots, swans, peacocks and Toucans just to name a few. Not to mention there were also cats, and even monkeys and lemurs?! I had never been to such a unique wedding venue, and I loved everything about it.

Before the ceremony, Rosemary and Tony did a first look—one of my favorite moments from the whole day. Their parents and the whole bridal party watched as Tony laid eyes on his gorgeous bride for the first time. There were tears and giggles all around and it was such an amazing moment to witness.

These two are a couple of the quirkiest and funniest humans I’ve been given the pleasure of photographing, and their wedding album totally shows it. I’m so happy for these lovers and beyond excited to share a gallery of all the beauty that was this day.

Here are some highlights!:

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