The Kraus Wedding - 11.17.18 | Saint Cloud, FL

(okay, this was a special one for me.)
As soon as I arrived, I knew Regan & Matt’s wedding was going to be one for the books. Their wedding day was held on a family friend’s property, nestled away from civilization. The hours spent before the ceremony were some of my favorite! But heck, I loved it all. Regan’s bridesmaids were showering her with love and positivity, and Matt’s groomsmen had no problem being absolutely silly in order to relieve the nerves.

They had a gorgeous ceremony that was tailored around their love and their faith, complete with a foot-washing ceremony and a performance by the bride and groom themselves (who are so amazingly talented?!). I’d never seen the sun as warm and golden as I did when we snuck away to take their bridal portraits.

Their reception began with heartfelt toasts and first dances, followed by a dinner that included a COFFEE BAR. Are. You. Kidding?! Music to my ears. They also catered Chick-fil-A…need I say more? (I’m a vegetarian but def. loved C-F-A in my meat-eating days).

I have never seen more amazing dance moves from a bride and groom; these two were fearless on the dance floor. Surrounded by all their friends and family, the reception turned into a full blown dance party!! I stayed an hour longer just to hang out and dance—the bride & groom, plus their wedding party and families, were SO. MUCH. FUN. and so welcoming. It was the best night ever with the cutest couple ever. I’m so happy for these two!!

Here are some highlights:

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