Dana - 04.19.18 | Oviedo & Sanford, FL

I met Dana while performing at Halloween Horror Nights last year and have been wanting to take photos of her ever since. This weekend, it finally happened!

We explored the countryside of Oviedo and encountered too many chickens and alligators for my liking, but while we were out there, I captured some of my favorite portraits ever, so I'd say it evens out. We also popped into an Antique Mall where some really sweet ladies let us take photos in their store and play guitar a little too loudly.

Then we hit downtown Sanford for a totally different look and ate some ice cream (that Dana bought for me because she's an angel).

This was my last time seeing her before I move, but it's okay, because she's going to come visit me.
Right, Dana?

Some highlights from our day of nonsense!:

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