Betsy & Ray - 07.29.18 | New Smyrna Beach, FL

Betsy and Ray were my first session in two weeks away from my camera and two months away from Florida, so I was suuuuper excited to get back to work. Not only are they adorable humans, but I loved learning that they are just adventurous as me! Once we got down to the shore it immediately felt like I was just hanging out with friends at the beach.

About 10 minutes into our session, the weather went from a steady drizzle to a straight up downpour in a matter of 30 seconds. We ran back to the cars and Betsy gave me a plastic bag (bless her) to wrap my camera in and I grabbed an umbrella. When I walked back out, I discovered that these two had been standing outside the entire time, totally drenched at this point! We spent the rest of the evening dancing around in the ocean and rolling around in the sand and the clouds were bringing allll the drama. It was the best!

Here are some highlights:

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