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so… backstory.

When I first started this thing 6 whole years ago, it was just my camera, myself and each of my friends who I somehow convinced to be models for my random ideas. Photography was just a hobby for 3 years before I thought “wait, I kinda want to do this forever—and like, get paid for it.” But this whole time I was aimlessly taking photos for fun; how was I supposed to turn it into a career?

In 2013, there were no resources for budding photographers. Instagram was still meant for selfies and the Valencia filter, and YouTube was for gamers and how-to’s. And so at 18 years old, I was headed down a long path of self-discovery both in a personal way and in my (soon-to-be) business.

Flash forward to age 23, and my photography business is now full-time after 6 years. It took longer than it should have, because I had to do it all on my own. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. What was missing when I first started, was community. And that’s what’s so great about Instagram, YouTube and the social media world these days: there is a worldwide community of photographers out there, connecting, collaborating and educating, which is what has brought you and I here!

You want to turn your hobby into a business, and I can help you get there. 2019 has more promise for creative professionals than ever before, and it’s only going to get better from here! There is no moment more perfect to dive in head-first and make your goals a reality.

what’s this thing about?

florida photographer

what’s the goal?

My goal being your photography coach is to teach you, guide you and support you. I’m not planning to just show up, overload you with info and disappear into the night (save those tricks for Batman). I’ll be by your side to teach you during the process and to support you long after our sessions are over. Building a friendship and creating community over competition means everything to me and is the foundation of my coaching program.

what will i take away from it?

Investing in your business is essential for growth (and something you’ll hear me preach about endlessly!). Basically, ya gotta give a little to get more. By the end of the program, no matter how minor or in depth you choose to get, you’ll walk away with the confidence and the knowledge you’ve been looking for to push your business forward!

“I’m not interested in competition. I hope we all make it.”

this program’s for you if you…

  • are a photographer of beginner or intermediate skill level

  • are looking to take your passion and turn it into a business

  • struggle with finding clients and generating consistent bookings

  • have trouble with posing your subjects and/or finding the best light

  • already have a photography business but feel like you could be doing more

  • have exhausted all the free resources and want a more personalized learning experience

florida photographer

now let’s get into the juicy stuff.

photography coaching classes

I’m doing things a little differently around here. Rather than only offering a full day of top-to-bottom knowledge, you have the option to mix and match based on what areas you need work in. We’re all at different points in our journey, and I want this program to be as customizable as possible! My classes are constructed to suit anyone from beginner to intermediate skill level. Choose just one, bundle a few, or opt for the full experience. It’s all up to you!

(These classes are designed to be in-person, and travel fees will apply to those outside the Greater Orlando area.)

florida photographer

the master class


($2,400 value)

Bundle all 7 classes into an all-day, one-on-one workshop! Here’s what will go down:

  • we’ll start the day with a 45-minute Q&A + a portfolio & pricing review

  • 1-hour conversational session all about emailing and streamlining your workflow

  • 1-hour, on-location shoot with a couple focused on posing, lighting and camera settings

  • we’ll go grab coffee or lunch after the shoot and spend 2 hours editing the photos, finding your editing style and creating your own unique preset

  • we’ll wrap up the day going over how to make your business official/getting legal and what running a business entails (marketing, taxes, bookkeeping, contracts, etc.)

florida photographer

the business class


Becoming legal is the first and most important step when beginning photography as your career! All the ins-and-outs of how to make your business legal and how to cover your butt. We’ll talk registering, tax stuff, bookkeeping, contracts, and all the nitty gritty bits of what will make your business operate. I’ll help you learn to market yourself in a way that is genuine and reflects your brand. We’ll have a cup of coffee (or two, or three) and cover every inch of the business aspect of photography.*

This coaching class includes:

  • 2+ hour conversational session

  • Q&A

  • free customizable contract template

*I cannot give legal advice, but I’m an open book & happy to share my knowledge/personal experiences with you.

florida photographer

on-location shoot


Come on a shoot with me! I’ll give you pointers on how to pose a couple and find the best lighting, as well as proper camera settings for motion and different kinds of light. We’ll run around a park or the beach with a super in love couple, and by the end of the session you’ll feel more comfortable shooting on location and working with couples (and also snap some pretty rad shots for your portfolio).

This coaching class includes:

  • 1-hour educational photo shoot at an outdoor location

  • your choice of lighting: sunrise, high noon, or golden hour

  • Q&A

  • bundle with the editing class for $600 total!


the editing class


I’m a firm believer that a photo is not truly complete until it’s been shown some love. An edit can change the entire mood of a photo, which makes this skill one of the most important parts of photography. It’s time to ditch those presets, ladies and gents. We’ll take some time to find your style—light and airy? dark and moody? warm and colorful? cool and desaturated? From there, I’ll show you exactly how to achieve the type of edits you’re after and create your own preset. You can be a Lightroom pro or a novice; I’m more than happy to help get you familiar with the program interface!

This coaching class includes:

  • 2+ hour instructional, hands-on learning session

  • Q&A

  • by the end, we will have created your own unique preset!

(*must have Adobe Lightroom to schedule this session)

florida photographer



Posing can make or break a photo—no one wants to feel awkward or look stiff. I’ll tell you all about how I get my clients to feel comfortable and be natural in front of the camera. We’ll also talk about body language in photography, the rule of thirds and why it’s crucial when posing, and how to avoid loose limbs and awkward hand placements. You’ll learn how to photograph clients in their true light through genuine emotions and building friendships.

This coaching class includes:

  • 1-1.5 hour conversational session

  • Q&A

  • visual examples and my list of tried-and-true prompts

florida photographer

workflow & emails



This can be one of the most stressful parts of a photography business, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ll talk about how to stay organized and timely when culling, editing and scheduling. We’ll also go over emailing, client relations, and you’ll learn how to write better emails to generate more bookings. (Yes, it really makes a huge difference!)

This coaching class includes:

  • 2-hour conversational session

  • Q&A

  • free email templates for various situations

florida photographer




The layout for your pricing sets the standard for how your work will be presented to potential clients. Having a clean, simple and straightforward price guide will not only make things quick and easy for your clients—your professionalism will also shine through. I’ll look over your pricing with you and help you make decisions for any adjustments. I’ll also help you build unique packages that will be attractive to potential clients and have them hitting that ‘contact’ button!

This coaching class includes:

  • 2-hour conversational session

  • Q&A

  • a new and refined price guide catered to your business needs


finding your niche



niche /nēSH/ (n.): a comfortable or suitable position for a person or thing

Basically, what is your passion? We know you love photography, but what makes you love it? You and I will go on a lunch or coffee date and I’ll get to know you, what your interests are, and what you like to photograph. I’ll also review your portfolio with you, followed up by a (gentle but honest!) critique. You’ll learn what direction to take your photography in and what you want to focus on.

This coaching class includes:

  • 1-hour conversational session

  • Q&A

  • portfolio review

florida photographer

bundle discount!


get 10% off for every two sessions you bundle.
book The Master Class for all 7 sessions and save $1,300 (over 50%!).

bundle the on-location shoot with the editing class for $600 total.

okay, I’m ready to grow my business.
how do I schedule my coaching session?

  • a 50% non-refundable retainer is requested to reserve your coaching session.

  • a 30% non-refundable retainer is requested for the Master Class.

  • all sessions will be required to be paid in full on or by the day before our session.

  • all sessions are available for scheduling on week days and select weekend dates.

  • contact me to schedule your session & ask any questions you may have!

Though the material in this program is informative and useful, I cannot guarantee any additional income through the participation of this coaching program. When the information is determinedly applied, it can aid in the growth of one’s business. However, I am not responsible if one neglects to apply the knowledge given in this program or if one later decides to no longer pursue photography for any reason.