frequently asked questions


“how long have you been a photographer?”

For over six years! I first started at the end of high school when I was 17 or 18. I started out with high school seniors, headshots, small wedding ceremonies, etc. I’ve been shooting couples and weddings exclusively for about four years. (I still take on a lil maternity or grad sesh here and there!)

oh, hey, you can read more about who I am here.



“can I travel to you? can you travel to me?”

Hell yes! Come to Austin, we’ve got the best of both worlds here––the city & nature. Make it a mini vacation; I’m happy to be your tour guide and take you out for tacos & margs.

I’ll travel to you anywhere in the country! I’ve road tripped across the U.S. seven times (you heard me…seven times hahaha), exploring many of our National Parks and wandering some of our biggest cities. I’m happy to revisit my favorite locations with you or experience new ones! A few of my favorite destination sessions have been Grand Canyon, New Orleans and Pasadena.



“how does payment work?”

To secure your date, a 30% nonrefundable retainer is due for weddings, 50% for sessions. The remaining amount is due 2 months prior for weddings and 2 weeks prior for sessions. Wedding payment plans are a thing, also! I know wedding planning can get crazy. I’ve got your back.

For destination sessions, travel fees must be paid at the time of booking or six months before the scheduled date so that I can get accommodations secured asap! I book my travel & lodging myself, but don’t worry, I’m always on the hunt for the cheapest flights, hotels or Airbnb’s. My goal is always to keep those costs as comfortably low as I can.



“what do we wear?”

Don’t stress! I’ll send you an inspiration board specific to your session location that includes patterns, colors, and styles that will complement the environment perfectly.



“how many photos will be in my gallery?”

Each wedding gallery is different! It all depends on things like the hours of coverage, if there was a second shooter, and how many special events take place throughout the day (such as gift giving, first look, special dances/games, etc.). With all weddings my promise is the same: I’ll never hold any of your memories from you! The only photos I don’t include are any duplicates, accidental shots, or that one shot where your uncle got crazy on the dance floor and covered my viewfinder (shout out to him though for breakin’ it down).

For sessions, there’s a minimum I promise to deliver, but no maximum. The final amount of photos just depends on time of day, any outfit changes, and any special circumstances. As always, I’ll never hold back any good images from you!



“can i have the unedited photos?”

No, sorry! Taking photos is only half the fun. Editing gives me the chance not only to make little adjustments, but also to bring to life the colors and subtle changes that complete each image. If something seems off to you, I’m happy to make tiny changes, but the final edits you’ll receive will be like the ones throughout my portfolio. A signature on our contract confirms that you’ve seen my work and accept my creative approach, so take time to make sure my style is your jam! If you like warm, natural, earthy tones, you’ve got nothin’ to worry about.


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