White Sands National Monument

On our cross country drive, White Sands is one of many stops we'd been planning to make along the way. Kevin and I arrived a couple hours before sunset, which gave us time to freshen up after our nine hour drive from San Antonio. We then made the scenic drive through the dunes, which was instantly fascinating upon entering. We chose a spot to pull over and climbed to the top of the dunes where we were amazed by what seemed to be never-ending hills of pure white sand. Mountains in the distance were blown out by the rays of the sun. We took some photos and explored a bit, climbing the dunes until we picked a spot to sit and wait for the sun to sink behind the mountains. We were greeted with warm hues of orange and cool blues in the shadows, followed by a desaturated pink sky as the evening grew later. I had never been able to experience New Mexico, only have ever driven through it, so I was excited to have the opportunity to make a stop; it was even better to have this fella with me!

White Sands National Monument, NM

Gabby HallComment