The Pink Project


Lately, my favorite color has been pink. It's girly, it's fun, it's aesthetically pleasing. I couldn't tell you where the recent obsession came from, but what I can say is that I've been heavily inspired by it as of late. So much that over the past month or so, I've been taking some of my own favorite photographs and giving them a rosé twist. I don't actually call it "The Pink Project," but I felt like I needed to give it a name to make it something of its own. This is the most I've ever stepped out of the box when it comes to editing, and it was unintentionally the perfect way to get my creativity flowing again amidst a busy schedule. It started out as just an idea for one photo and has now grown into not only a cathartic outlet but also a way to challenge myself. I'm also just really digging the aesthetic of it, let's be real. Unrelated to this recent editing style, I also happened to dye my hair pink last week. But maybe it was subconsciously done with these photos in mind. Life imitates art...or something like that?

Future clients/friends, worry not! Your engagements and weddings will all still be naturally colored. Unless you're down for a splash of pink. Then I'm totally down. (I did have a bride at my last wedding request some pink images in her photo collection!)

Until now, I had only been sharing these on my Instagram. But here they are, ready to breathe new air in some much higher resolution! I'll add more as I go.

Stay peachy, friends!

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