ANNOUNCEMENT: Moving to Arizona with My Boyfriend!

Kevin and I have known each other for close to ten years, and have been dating for one. I literally adore everything about this human. We have been adventure partners since two months into our relationship. In the past year, I've gotten the chance to take him to Tennessee, on a weekend getaway in Vegas, and on a cross-country road trip to Arizona, where we visited New Orleans, San Antonio, White Sands in New Mexico and the Grand Canyon. In recent months, the stars have aligned and we've been offered a chance to move to Arizona together! It's a temporary move, but I could not be more excited for this next adventure together.

I've lived in Arizona once before, and since moving back to Florida, I still visit regularly throughout the year. It's a place I'm always trying to get back to. Though AZ for me has always been a place of self discovery, I still dreamed of living there with someone I love and doing life in the desert together. And getting to live that dream with Kev is even more than I could've hoped for.

We'll be living in Northern Arizona, where I lived previously, working in Grand Canyon National Park and exploring the surrounding area. I'll have the opportunity to take him to all the places I've gushed to him about, as well as discover new places together. Though this adventure will be a short-lived experience for us, since we have to return to college in the fall, I'm looking forward to continuing to travel together and seeing the growth it will bring for us, both as a couple and as individuals. Let's do this thing!

Gabby HallComment