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I’m Gabby. I’ve been doing this photography thing for close to seven years, and I’ve loved every bit of it. Documenting these grand love stories has given me so much purpose and also given me some of the dearest friends. I can’t imagine doing anything else.

A small town in Florida raised me, but now I’m living it up in beautiful & crazy Austin, Texas! One of my favorite parts of being brought along on these wonderful little love stories is being able to travel and adventure with quite honestly the coolest couples I’ve ever met. Whether it’s shooting on the shore in pouring down rain, eloping in Washington, hiking along the edge of the Grand Canyon or skipping around the streets of New Orleans, I always leave with new stories to tell and lifelong friendships.

Some lil facts about me:
Film school was my original life plan; I wanted to be the next Oscar-nominated editor or cinematographer (still would be pretty rad!). I have a chubby cat baby named Joey, and I adore all 20 lbs of him. My boyfriend’s name is Kevin (he rules) and I love that dude with all my heart and soul. I lived in Arizona off and on for about three years and that place holds a huge piece of my heart.

why weddings and elopements?

To be totally cheesy, being in a relationship with my favorite person has been the ultimate motivation to really narrow down what I’m the most passionate about in photography. I’ve found that I make stronger friendships and provide better service to the people I connect & relate to the most… aka people who are in ~ loveeee ~!! When I can understand the way you and your s/o feel about each other, that’s how I know I’m able to be the best photographer I can be for you.

My love story:
Kev & I have been together for almost three years and have known each other for ten! To have a bond the way we do is just invaluable. It’s changed us in so many ways, and we are better because of it. We laugh together, travel the world together, make hard decisions together, jam out together, and do life together. I’m forever grateful to have a connection with someone like that.

photo by   Jess Diaz


why I travel for photography.


Living in Arizona was what introduced me to my love for nature, the outdoors, the ocean, the desert, the mountains, the pines. I could never put into words the kind of connection I have with a blue sky and the open road. I spent about four years road tripping across the country and lived & worked in the Grand Canyon (the best time of my life). Waking up under the redwoods or pulling over on the side of a rural Nevada highway to look at the stars are the kinds of moments that I never get tired of.

It’s a never-ending love affair with places that make me feel small and on top of the world at the same time.


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